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Lock tool mechanism (1)
Detecting and Identifying insects for pest control (6)
Growing light construction ideas,new innovative solutions (2)
Ability to calculate math (3)
Vents for the electronics box (5)
Stitch map & use weed detection on complete garden (2)
Ability to sort sequences (3)
It would be good to have a decode sheet for all the various messages in the log output (1)
Can use Amazon S3 to store image (4)
Make release notes more visible (2)
Make Emergency Unlock Confirmation Optional (5)
Add Presets For Farmbot Settings (1)
Add updatable tool status (2)
Multi-factor authentication for web app (2)
Seed Tray: Automatic Coordinate Setup (1)
Farmware Template (3)
MQTT live data (channel) (4)
Repeatable Farmbot Accuracy (9)
Random position move in delimited area (1)
Loop / Repeat Sequence (3)
Move Absolute Modification (3)
Random Move Relative (1)
WiFi Regulatory Domain configurable (5)
WebGL 3D Sequence Simulator (1)
Add unique id/label in the mqtt log message (2)
Multiple FarmBots (2)
Store data about the plants (2)
Animal/Wildlife Deterrent (4)
Mailing logs improvement (9)