Feature Requests

Error Handling in Sequences (7)
Farm Designer plant groups (2)
URL cam selector instead of edit (3)
Farm Designer Plant selection to delete (4)
Vote for favorite feature 1st vote (5)
Vote for your favorite feature request (8)
Options of different languages (3)
Get plant ID integer to introduce it into "do while" "for..." to get coordinates (4)
Database integration (7)
Log messages rows to unlimited (7)
Parameter to be set in sequence (1)
Disable automatic updates (10)
Feature Request implementation and voting possibility (6)
Calibration curve (1)
Target position display (3)
Navigation menu always visible (3)
Update interval of software (4)
Change post reboot WiFi behaviour (3)
Integrate intelligent water software (3)
Motor activity LED (2)
Rpi 3 display compatibilty (2)
"No travel" zones (2)
Sequence editor step highlighting during test run (1)
Selectively toggle axes for move absolute commands (3)