Feature Requests

Rotatable UTM thoughts (7)
Passing parameters to farmware from sequence (10)
Soil blocker for the farmbot (12)
An e-stop command for sequences (7)
Hardware part numbering or ID system (1)
"Send message" improvement (1)
Watering tool ideas (6)
Home button in "Controls" window (4)
Add "Current Position" option to MOVE ABSOLUTE/IMPORT COORDINATES (7)
[Farm Designer] Select multiple plants (3)
Pause button / restarting sequences from a chosen point (2)
Vorrei vedere un "orto" Farmbot dal vivo (1)
Axis move order (3)
[Log] content additional requests (1)
Plant status ("planted", etc) (4)
Introducing gauge indicators for analog pins (5)
Run Farmware add drop down menu in sequences (8)
Cannot change "created_at" in POST /api/points (3)
Update line in Farmbot web frontend (3)
Make "Sequence complete" log message optional (4)
"axis homing complete" log message (3)
"Auto-sync" option (4)
Can use Amazon S3 to store image (2)
Routine sequences running (4)
Multiple Garden Bed Layouts in Farm Designer (5)
Confirmation upon sequence step deletion (4)
Calendar Improvements (1)
Sequence list organization (5)
Error Handling in Sequences (7)
Farm Designer plant groups (2)