5.0.1 latest issues

Great shot again, see issues below:
frontend B8AAA9DF
Chrome Version 60.0.3112.90

Logbar does not “unroll” if I click onto it, no possibility to see log messages.

Weird arrows on right screen and + on the left side:

The menu bar is weird and does not match, see picture above. The dropdown menu of the username is dark grey on white.

On the controls page the “To Be coordinates” (white field) disappear if I click on go.

The update button from the device page did not work to update to 5.0.1, I needed to flash the Rpi.

Best feature in the new version is, that the bot still disconnects itself from the WiFi, but now the time between disconnect is less, great done!


edit: I did not use sequences to far, lets see what will be presented then…

Can you try hard-refreshing your web browser? (Ctrl + Shift + R) That will clear up the web browser’s cache and fix the issues you’ve mentioned.

Can you try using a wired ethernet connection to your bot? Perhaps the WiFi channels are congested which is causing your connection to drop.

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Sry @roryaronson that fixed the display issues, I take back what I said on this :wink:

I could but that is quite a big challenge, because I would need to buy a long ethernet cable etc. pp. This channel / wifi worked before, so the chance is low that another (new) AP could disturb the communication. If you see that there is just 4 m in between and some plastics from the housing of the Rpi and Arduino.
I would rather try to record signal to noise ratio from my WiFi connection and try to debug it with that. However, the bot should reconnect to that wifi any time after those disturbances, which is does not do. How can I help debugging why it does not reconnect?
Why don`t you set a parameter the user can set for the max retries to connect to the WiFi in seconds or something?

Is there a way to add an antenna to the Rpi?

Btw: clicking on the refreshing last seen icon triggers the bot to request for a sync now o.O?!

I’m not experienced with measuring signal to noise ratios on WiFI networks, so do let us know what you find out with those tests.

Once FarmBot tries (I think 6 times) to reconnect, it assumes the network has changed (for example, it no longer exists or the password changed) and so it goes back into configuration mode.

At this time you cannot attach an antenna to the Rpi as far as I know.

We’re looking into the issue you mentioned with the refresh and sync buttons now. We’re also working on the caching issue so that users do not need to perform a hard refresh with their web browser. This is also related to people having trouble with iOS. I’ll report back when we have a solution out.

Could you please please please, get a very quick fix in, that the user can set:
a) the time of retries to reconnect to the old known wifi (you could restrict it to two hours e.g.)
b) if the user wants to use the default settings as per above

There is really no use that the bot only tries to connect for 6 times, when I know that I do have problems with my wifi - and other users as well…

Unfortunately we do not control any of the low level wifi parameters, and they can not be changed at run time. We use the standard linux utility called wpa_supplicant. You can find some really good information about it here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/WPA_supplicant and some really in depth information about it here: https://w1.fi/wpa_supplicant/

We can set a change for the max retries, but due to the nature of how wpa_supplicant is written, increasing the number usually won’t do much, since it will all happen in rather quick succession.

What is happening here is the equivalent of having spotty cell phone coverage. It won’t matter too much how much you try to connect, if the network is not in range at this given moment, you wont be able to reach it.

My given moment I would like to set to 10 Minutes :wink: and that should be programmable through you… Instead of triggering this wpa_supplicant thing once, you try it as often as the user sets it, with a wait time in between…?!

That’s why??

What do you mean?