7.0.2-beta and AMQP connection timeouts

Today I installed FBOS v7.0.2-beta from the GitHub Release link to the IMG file.

Now the RingLogger log shows AMQP socket timeout every 60s, continually.

Is the supplied config wrong for the target AMQP server cloud ?
It seems to be trying to use clever-octopus.rmq.cloudamqp.com

These errors come from the BotState link, not the NervesHub link.
Looks like it begins after the first AMQP “re-key”.

I’m in Australia/Melbourne.

Here’s a snip of the (repeating) log :slight_smile:

John are you still seeing this issue? I’ve noticed this but only on newer farmbot versions in development. I had assumed it was a client version mismatch. By the way are you on staging.farm.bot or my.farm.bot?

Connor, yes, still occurring I believe though will verify when I return home later.
Just a thought : I have no physical firmware_hardware plugged in. In case it helps to know that.
Yes, I’m on my.farm.bot. Thanks.

[edit] Checked just now (07:59 UTC) and sure enough (after a cold boot at 07:40 UTC) the 60 sec socket timeout crash and restart is still occurring.

I’m investigating this, but i haven’t made much progress on it. I’ll let you know what i can find.

Hi @connor.
Maybe the latest amqp package (1.1.1) fixes this, and am trialling this change as we speak.

Here’s my mix.exs diff

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Great. Let me know if that works for you. I’m going to add that dependency update to the latest beta either way.

Running sweetly now !

The new amqp (1.1.1) has a 30 minute soft restart interval.

Wow, that’s quick . . . checked my device logs and found some info records New Farmbot OS is available!
Pressed the green UPDATE button and Hey presto, my first ever OTA update completed :sunny:
Now happily on commit 205542d . . Nice.