Abort sequence during test phases

Hi, I am new to sequences and I am troubleshooting. Once I start a long sequence and I realize it is not performing well, I would like to stop it without having to hit e-stop because If I do that, the Z axis goes down (it is oiled), and then I have to manually move it up again.

Is there a way to abort a sequence so that I can send the bot home? If I click HOME it goes and than immediately resumes the sequence from where it had left it.

@JollyJoker Have you enabled the “Always Power Motor” firmware setting for the Z-Axis? This feature was added specifically to address the problem of z-axis slippage. Please let me know if this helps.

E-Stop is the only way to stop a running sequence currently.

Thanks Rick. Yes, motor is always powered, but if you hit e-stop, it is not, and Z axis goes down.

Ok, will have to wait that the sequence ends.

I think it would be a good idea to have a button in the webapp to stop sequences which are running (something like exit sequence, stop where you are and keep all axes in position => power Z motor). Especially when testing sequences that would be a great feature and also add a layer of security. The user could then go back to home or to wherever he wants from there.
I understand E-Stop as an emergency shutdown which should only be used under very critical circumstances (as if a normal stop does not work).


I put a feature request some time ago. It got some likes and farmbotInc has not shown a reaction. Besides from it being useful it is in my eyes a basic feature for a machine. At the same time I understand that one might decide this is not a priority because people are working around this issue.

@jensGeorgsen It’s on my “Ideas for the Future” list and we are aware that people want this feature, apologies for the lack of public comment. Feature requests can grow faster than feature implementations, so we won’t always comment publicly until work on a feature has started (example: The “SAFE Z” feature that was recently released).

As you mention, there are partial workarounds, so our focus this quarter has been in other areas. That’s not to say we’re not interested in the feature.


Glad to hear you are considering this @RickCarlino !
I would call this a “PAUSE” instead of a “STOP” button.
I would love this feature as all to often something happens during a sequence that I need to do a simple “Pause”. Not only does the E-stop shut everything down, he sometimes corrupts settings (Or so it seems at times). I find myself having to confirm “Find Home Axis” so that I’m certain all coordinates for picking up tools and moving to plants are accurate.

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@socalrob I’d be careful mixing up PAUSE and STOP.

PAUSE would also need a PLAY because it pauses and doesn’t end (STOP) the actual sequence.
A STOP function should end the sequence, keep everything in position and also stop things like watering, vacuum, etc. If you then start again the sequence should start from the beginning.
A PAUSE function should keep everything in position and stop things like watering, vacuum, etc. but when you hit PLAY afterwards it should continue the sequence.

That’s how I would interpret STOP and PAUSE.

I agree.
Like most App and Control buttons a PAUSE/PLAY button could still be one button. Press once, it pauses. Press again, it plays. I think this would be much more useful than a STOP button. I don’t see a significant difference between the current EStop and a STOP button that cancels the sequence. They both do the same thing. I would not want a STOP button to automatically restart the sequence. Usually a sequence includes a tool pick up. You would not want an auto restart with a tool already connected. I have to think a PAUSE/Play button would be very easy to set up. I would also have this as a standard physical button on the electronics box as well.

In automation there is a very significant difference between an Emergency Stop (that’s what I expect the E-Stop is) and a normal Stop.
Example: If you have an industrial automation system and you press the Emergency Stop button everything will be stopped instantly. This is usually only being used if there is a risk of death and injury or a risk of destruction of the machine. Usually you will also have a specific process to get the system running again (clear everything, put stuff in a certain position, acknowledge with button to release Emergency stop relay, etc.). Beside of that an Emergency Stop always needs to be within reaching distance from every position where there could be a thread. You’d need at least six locking emergency stop buttons in about 1m height around the FarmBot. Alternatively a SIL2 certified wireless solution would also work. :sunglasses:

I totally agree that it would be great to have both! Like that you would be able to pause and go on with play but also be able to use stop to jump out of the sequence without i.e. loosing position or (from my perspective) using an emergency stop because that’s the only possibility you have (which would be wrong if there is no thread for life or machine).

That’s just my thoughts and experience from working in industrial automation for several years.