Access to user_env

Hallo! I’m Nicola From Italy, a new farmbot user :slight_smile:

First of all, i want to say thanks for your great work on farmbot, it’s really a dream :slight_smile: We mounted it over a structure with wheels, so we can move it like we want!
Second, sorry for my english! :slight_smile:

My little problem: i’m testing farmbotJS, i have succesfully installed a local farmbot-web-app instance.

The problem is that i can’t find a way to access user_envs from REST Api or farmbotJS. I need to access data from farmware (example: camera calibration), but i can’t find a method on the api or js to access them. I see that there is a method setUserEnv() but not a getUserEnv() here:

I tryed to search them directly in the postgres database but the two tables are empty (farmware_envs and farmware_installations).

where they are stored? how can i access them over api or JS, or MQTT?
I know you can in your web-app (please see the screen attached):

I hope you can help!

thank you very much!

after 3 days of searching i’ve found it.

the status channel can be accessd by Farmbot JS:

farmbot.on(“status”, function (data, eventName) {

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