Add multiple "controllers" to one farm-bot?


Is there any possible way to let more than one my.farmbot account control a single FarmBot? I have set up a FarmBot account with my email but want to let somebody else control it as well, without access to my farmbot account.


The FarmBot can only connect to one account and will only process the commands that are sent from this account.

In your case the other account also should have limited access, right? You could add a feature request but I believe that one does not get a high priority since only very few people would need it.


@MCbigminer We do plan to implement this feature, but have not started work on it yet. Future versions of the web app will support many-to-many mappings between many users controlling many devices, which is a growing request from users in an enterprise/school setting.


Thanks, much appreciated :smiley: