Add multiple "controllers" to one farm-bot?

Is there any possible way to let more than one my.farmbot account control a single FarmBot? I have set up a FarmBot account with my email but want to let somebody else control it as well, without access to my farmbot account.

The FarmBot can only connect to one account and will only process the commands that are sent from this account.

In your case the other account also should have limited access, right? You could add a feature request but I believe that one does not get a high priority since only very few people would need it.

@MCbigminer We do plan to implement this feature, but have not started work on it yet. Future versions of the web app will support many-to-many mappings between many users controlling many devices, which is a growing request from users in an enterprise/school setting.


Thanks, much appreciated :smiley:

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Hi Rick,

I’m also interested in this feature (as I am assisting with the setup of a FarmBot in a University setting). We are interested in multiple users (each with their own account) connecting to one FarmBot system with different levels of access (i.e. users having access to data without implementing changes). Has any progress been made on features that allow for multiple users?



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Hi @emma,

Thanks for letting us know about your interest in this feature. At this time, our small team has been focusing exclusively on the FBOS v8 release, so we have not yet started work on multi-user setups. I will relay your feature idea (user-level permissions) to the rest of the team for when we eventually begin work on the feature.


Hey FB Forum (and Dev Team)
I had messaged Emma side-band with my thoughts, but i think it is good to echo hear so the FB Community can read (and chime in, if desired)
Here is an abstract of that Comm:

As far as I know, there is only one account/username & password per FB Web UI that is tied to a FB. However, i belive that multiple (many) folks can log into the same Web UI. However, each change/modification overwrites the previous, so folks could be working on the same thing, and, unless in sync, could inadvertently wipe out the work others have done.
I agree that this would be a nice-to-have, but also agree that FBOS 8.0 should precede this.
Another couple other nice-to-have’s

  1. Ability to have the Web UI in a “Read-Only” mode - would be great for classroom demonstration/education.
  2. “Dumy Mode” Web UI - Full functionality simulator. As detailed as possible, with bonus points awared if we can simulate fails (and figure out fixes)
  3. Multiple Web UI’s (different accounts) - Settings, sequence sets, etc. tied to the same FB. This is a tricky one, as there would have to be some way to load and unload different sets, and there would have to be a “Master Set” that overrides all else. Just a thought, no in-depth thinking yet.
    My advice would be just to be careful…

Hi @RickCarlino thanks for the speedy response. No worries at all, and good to hear that this may be a possibility in the future. My research into FarmBot has come up with many educational institutions that seem to be using this product, so I imagine multiple user connections would come in handy.

A quick edit: can two people be logged into the same account at once after an account has been connected to a FarmBot? Or would the second person trying to login not be able to? Just trying to think of some workarounds to allow multiple students access at the same time.

I have done this before, and aside from the risk of overwriting someone else’s work in progress I don’t think there is any issues (But the FB Team is the best to explain any nuances)
Just keep the “last saved wins the race” creedo in mind…