Add Plant Workflow


I’m new to FarmBot and love my new Genesis 1.6.
When I add new plants to my garden:

  • I select the plant type from the open farm DB
  • I set all the specific curves
  • I sengt the grid dimensions for the position
  • save
    The new plants are now in the database, but it did not carry over the selected watering-, spread- and height curve to the individual plants.
    Is this intended? I have to select them individually and set the curves.
    Also the status is “Planted”. In my case it would be better if it has the state of “Planned” because I do not know yet when I seed them. Now I have to set them to “Planned” manually.
    Another question is: In my seeding sequence I mark the state as “Planted”, but this does not set the start date of the Plant. Is there a way to set the start date of a Plant in a sequence?

thanks fro your help

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Thanks for the feedback! The plant grid feature will be updated soon to apply curves and statuses upon save. In the meantime, the bulk edit feature can be used to change data for many plants at once.


Curves, plant status, and start date will now be applied to plants created through the grid UI:

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