Addition of seedling planting

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I understand that Farmbot is designed to plant seeds, but the problem is, that in colder climates the growing season is too short for growing many plants outside from seeds. Even greenhouses are not enough to lengthen the growing season, and most people do not have heated greenhouses.
So, the answer would be to allow seedling planting for Farmbot. This means that a person would just inform the software interface of wanting to plant a seedling and how old the seedling is (in weeks for example), and Farmbot tool would point the place of planting in the soil for the person. Could this be manageable?



Yes! You could even have FarmBot poke a small hole in the soil to indicate the location.

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You just need a different head which can plant a plug of seedling.

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Related question about this approach… is there a way to update the plant age in the farm designer since these are naturally older than seeds? Is updating the plant age even necessary?

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Can someone reply to this question - how to change the age of plants in the FarmBot?