Advice:Should I do the Over the air update?

I am still running 9.2.2. Debating whether or not to do the over the air update to the current OS this weekend?

9.2.2 is stable.
Is the new one?

And still debating about doing a hardware upgrade to Trinamic controllers.

I am running a Genesis v1.2+ (moved vacuum pump to 3rd axis, added LED lights)

@John_D I just remotely OTA’ed a customers device this morning. They were also running 9.2.2.

Their update to 10.1.2 went fine, and I’m here to help if you have any problems. Feel free to “@” me if you require assistance.

My only advice is:

  • There was a bug in 9.2.2 that would cause SD card corruption about 5% of the time. In those cases, the device will not come back online. If this happens, you can do a manual flash via Balena Etcher. The bug was fixed in the newer version but is not available retroactively.
  • Immediately after OTAing, I would recommend doing a movement test. When folks wait a long time to do OS updates, they sometimes find that their calibration values are sometimes “off”. If that is the case, it is best to completely re-calibrate all motors.
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