After moving with manual controls to some points, bot looses the origin

I am using encoders, I do home function successfully en every axis,
After this I am doing manual movements to start taking and leaving tools, very often looses the coordinates and put a new origin in the middle of nowhere.

since negative travel is forbidden i need to move with the hand the bot and start again and again and again. only Z axis i can not move with hand. so need to do homing again, i happens to me very often… also webapp often do not lisen well the coordinates and also says don´t get the answer from the bot. is this happening to some others?

Which FarmBot OS version are you using?

i was on 3.1.4, now I am in 3.1.5 and it is more stable… thank you!
by the way, can you explain a one sentence or two, what did you change? just for curiosity

thank you!