Algorithm from Artificial Vision of FarmBot

What is the Algorithm that use the Artificial Vision to detect the outline of the plants?

Details about how the Weed Detector widget and the Run Farmware sequence step default plant-detection work can be found on the Weed Detection page of the software documentation.

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Thank you Gabriel. Also I have another question, do you know what is the minimum radius that the artificial vision of the robot has to detect the plants?

The camera can be moved in three dimensions, so that would vary based on the distance from the camera to the plants.

So there is no a minimum radious of detection?

The camera has a limited field of view, so a maximum detection radius would depend on how high up your camera could move. If you wanted to, you could detect plants with the camera a few centimeters away. The area covered would be very small, so it would only make sense if your subjects were very small.

Where can I find the programming code of the Robot’s Artificial Vision?

The code is on GitHub: FarmBot Labs Plant Detection.

Thank You Very Much!!