All step-motors do not work

Hi everyone, I contact you on this forum because I’m stuck in a problem with the machine.
A few months ago it was assembled without problems, the operation was correct. But soon after, all the step-motors stopped answering the commands.
When I go to the commands board and impart any order I feel a small sound similar to a relay but no motor moves.
I do not know what might depend, no parameters were changed after the initial settings.
I do not know if I can restore a factory data but I would not want to miss the configurations made so far. Can I save them and how?
Do you have any idea to solve this kind of problem? Thank you for your help.

Hello @Silvio!

I remember i had the same issue as you. As for saving your config files. :thinking: Im not sure if there is a feature for that yet. My best suggestion is to screen-capture your configuration settings on the device page and then factory reset and re-do the settings.

a little bit tedious but it gets the job done!