Analog Peripheral setting (for lighting) does not work in sequences

Hey all,

I wanted to take advantage of the new analog peripheral settings and do some experiments with dimmer LED light settings. I configured the peripheral used for the LED lighting to be analog in the Farm Designer/Controls page. From there, I was able to succesfully change the brightness. However, when I tried to do the same from a sequence, nothing changes. Well, something does change: no matter the value of the requested setting, the lights will turn off. From the logs, the firmware commands issued seem to be identical. Althought this is an analog write, could it be related to the analog read issue form a few days back? Read sensor in a sequence

Has anyone else attempted to play with the lights and analog settings yet?

had an issue when switching led lights to analog, moving the gauge to zero, didnt shutdown the lights.

repeated a test a few times same issue.

Thanks for the heads up @jturbett @fuzzynickel we will take a look today.

@jturbett @fuzzynickel We’ve found a fix and will release it in the next version of FBOS. Thanks again.