Any thoughts on these parts from RobotDyn on aliexpress?

I have seen a few posts in /r/arduino that seem to indicate that it is a good brand to buy from if you are on a tight budget like me.I am looking at buying a few of each of these (for spares and maybe to make a DIY 3d printer at some point):

US $1.75 Stepper motor Driver DRV8825

US $3.75 RAMPS 1.4

US $5.79 Mega 2560 R3 *3rd link not allowed
What do you guys think?

Looks good to me :smiley:

Looks promising and really on a budget.
Can you or let us complete a whole buying list with a todo list.

So we can go for that all on a budget around the world.
If you don’t have an 3D Printer, some Service or someone around you will have one.

I’m new to this, but I already have some really good thoughts about that.
This is really amazing and we should continue to spread this like viral.

I’m really thankful.

Best regards

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