Any way to use aluminum foil and empty aluminum cat food containers with a fresnel lens to make farmbot parts?

I have a large supply of both that would otherwise just be left at the street on garbage day. I really want a farmbot and supplies for robotic projects, but I am very poor. How feasible would this be? The fresnel lens is from an old Mitsubishi Projection TV.

If you can find a creative way to make rails out of these materials, I’m sure it would be doable in some way. I’m curious, since you were asking about using these materials in particular, did you envision a way to make rails out of it, and if so, how? The electronics are cheap enough to buy from china (aliexpress, eBay). If you want to do it really cheaply it would probably be possible to salvage some stepper motors from old electronics that could be controlled by the ramos 1.4 board, but this would require some research. The belts and pulleys could probably be replaced by some cheap type of durable strings and custom made teethless pulleys made of a circle attached to the stepper bore that can hold the strings in place.