Anyone in Vancouver, BC building this?

I came across this project on hackaday as I was looking to put my 3D printer to work. This is an amazing project that I am very interested in.

Wondering if anyone local in Vancouver has started building this? Would be great to get in touch to talk about the build experience, parts outsourcing etc.

I saw the kits are available for pre-order which include everything; are there plans to sell certain parts of the kits? For example, i wouldn’t want to buy the 3D printed stuff as I want to have the fun printing them on my own. I already own a bunch of stuff (the boards, sensors, etc).

This project is outstanding, the work the team behind this put into providing details and open sourcing everything blows me away. Kudos.

Welcome to the forum @v3rd1ct :slight_smile:

We’re not currently selling partial kits or individual components, though we do plan to do so in the coming months as it has been a big demand. In the meantime you can look at the Bill of Materials and begin purchasing parts directly from manufacturers. You can also maybe link up with people in the Pacific Northwest to help each other out. See this thread: Manufacturing/Selling Parts

If you make any progress printing things out, please share some photos here on the forum!

Thanks for the quick response. I will take a look at both of those links to start :slight_smile:

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Hey Hey, I’m interested in whether you started this project because I’m down here in Washington, and wouldn’t mind coming up to Van to work on project or just see the bot all finished.

My names Andrew and I run a non profit teaching kids about emerging tech to underrepresented students. We are applying to a grant here in Wa and want to talk meet, discuss and work with people building the Farmbot.

If to much to ask then cool, but if you are interested let me know Thanks for your help.

All for one

I live in Victoria, BC and I have purchased and built one of the FarmBot starter kids with my little brother. You’re welcome to come over and check it out if you are interested. Currently, we have only managed to turn it into a “WaterBot”. In time, our plan is to get more smart-farming capabilities working.

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I live in the middle of nowere missouri. I’d be happy to print parts for people at a low cost. I currently have 4 printers. I run a small 3d printing business. has all my contact if you would like a quote please send any files in a zip you want printed as well as a list of how many of each file. I can get you a quote based on that, I will also have to charge shipping :slight_smile: