Api calls "Upgrade to latest FarmBot OS"



I try to make api calls to get some images created by the Farmbot.
When i do a call with postman it works fine but when i try to do it with Node-Red or Appery.io i get the response:

    "error": "Upgrade to latest FarmBot OS"

My Farmbot runs at this moment on version 7.0.1. Does someone knows what the problem can be?

I have this problem only by a GET. Not when i do a post for getting the tokens.




@Maikel Is it possible for you to send me your user agent for that request?


@RickCarlino Thank you for helping me in the right direction. I tried a lot but now i see i forget the User agent at all. Now the api calls work.


@Maikel That’s great to hear. I have made a note of this in our internal bug tracker and we will work on a fix for the next release. The reason that the application behaves this way is somewhat complicated, but it should be relatively simple to fix. For the time being, it is advisable to provide a User-Agent header while we work on the fix.

Thanks for the report!