Assembling FarmBot without supporting infrastructure

As a proof of concept, I want to assemble FarmBot as much as possible before migrating to another country. I don’t want to build it on a planting bed, I just want to build it on the floor of my attic.

I need some pro tips to do this. I wonder how harmful having no support structure beneath the tracks can be. How can I provide the required infrastructure with minimal effort?

I was thinking just making a tiny wooden frame (1.5m*1.5m) to mount it on top. The frame would just be lying on the floor.

Our farmbot isn’t mounted on a garden bed yet either.

Let me take a few pictures and show you the simple frame I made that can be disassembled pretty easy and also not too much cost.

Wood size: 1thick x 2-inch wide x 8ft long
that’s a total of 5, 8ft long planks cut down to 5ft each. Two of the planks run verticle (along the X axis) and the other 3 are represented by the red lines that run horizontal to the X axis planks.

Overview look of the frame.

For the X axis where the rails mounts would be screwed in, I used this and ran it along the side of the X-axis frame for added strength and support -

in addition to better structural support when drilling the screws into the planks.

Drill through the 2 wood pieces so you can insert the bolt into both planks.
Bolt all of the corners down with 3-inch bolts and extra wide (1inch) washers on top and bottom of the bolt and the appropriate nut size.

Do this for each joining piece of support. (locations represented by green squares)

Let me know if you need any clarification.

good luck!


Mine is currently free standing, directly on top of the floor. I dont have the tool holder in place. Seems to operate fine