Augmented Reality Integration with Farmbot

I am interested in collaborating on AR/VR integration with Farmbot. I have been working on prototypes for hands-free lab applications that leverage a Unity-based iPhone app and the Mira Prism.

Here’s a link to short video to give a better idea:

I believe integration between the app and Farmbot WebApp should be straight-forward. I think the voice-recognition and leap-motion options can get us even closer to farming anywhere. It would be great to find someone in the Bay Area with a Farmbot who is interested in working together (I’m in Pacifica), but am certainly open to working with folks everywhere.

Hi mike,

I’m interested to this subject to, i have access to a FarmBot, Hololens and mixed reality headset, i search a way to use AR/VR with FarmBot. Unfortunately i have no Mac environment

Actually i start the work on Windows 10 Integration with cortana ex “Hey cortana, launch FarmBot sequence …” , “Hey cortana, what is the last FarmBot action ?” and “recreate” the web app in a VR space, with plants info bubbles, FarmBot control

Hi Averdier,
I like the idea of creating the app (and garden) in a VR space and using a virtual assistant with voice commands. I have played around with this idea a little using Unity (see prior post: Connecting Simulated AI/VR Garden to Raspberry PI ).

What tools are you using to create VR Space? If you are using Unity it may be straight-forward to build-deploy as AR app on iPhone. At some point it will be possible to use Mira Prism headset with an Android app as well, not sure what the timeline is for that.