Auto-Updating even with option OFF

Farmbot/Farmduino 1.3, running FarmBot OS 6.x. Whenever a firmware or FarmBot OS update is released, it is automatically applied despite the option for auto-updates being set to NO. Real PITA to get everything working again, only to have it stopped again 2 days later because a minuscule update was pushed…

Anyone else experiencing this?

Thank you for reporting this issue. The feature should work as expected after the next release: if FarmBot OS auto-update is enabled, it will automatically download, apply, and reboot into the new update.

However, what do you mean by “only to have it stopped again”? What is stopping?

Going to open a new thread. Think I found the problem, which is larger in scope. Thanks!

I had this issue. Auto update was switched off but the firmware still kept trying to update to the latest version.

I think even though Farmbot OS Auto Update and AutoSync appeared to be switched off they were actually switched on maybe cached or something? So on startup before my farmbot started auto updating I turned each of these settings on and then off. That fixed the issue.