Axis Resetting on its own

On the Genesis V1.5, as we were setting up the tool and home coordinates it will accurately set the point. But after mounting the tool, both the tool location and the home location will automatically change, usually the y-axis but not only the y-axis. After manually setting the point of the tool, with no interruption, we would try and mount the tool but the points will change on their own, completely missing the tool and the home point. Does anyone know what might solve this issue or help us solving it?

@jessica.huddleston I’m not sure I understand entirely- do you mean to say that the points are moving around on the map? Or does the FarmBot move to the wrong location? Also, have you pressed the FIND HOME button recently? This often helps:


For instance, when we have determined the location for a tool and we have set up the mounting sequence, then go to run the sequence it runs once correctly. After unmounting and moving to another location then running the sequence again, the FarmBot goes to a different location. Most often only the y-axis value is wrong, but the z and x-axis has been off at times as well.

Please post your mounting sequence. I suspect you might be using relative moves that only work when starting from the home location.

If it helps, here are my mounting sequences that have worked without fail so far. It’ll have to be screenshots until, some day hopefully, we’ll have a sequence sharing hub, or some textual form to export/import sequences:

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I would be interested to see screenshots of your movement sequence @jessica.huddleston

If movement is usually reliable, that could be a sign that your MOVE block is misconfigured.