Beginners need help

Hi, we are in the process of building a farmbot. There are some questions that we would like to have answered, and we hope some of you guys can help us.

  1. If we would like to build it bigger 1,5x6m. Will this work with the software, belt and motors?
  2. Why is there a hole under the Horizontal Cable Carrier (CC) Supports, is this really needed?

We’ll probably come up with more questions but this is a start at least.

The hole under the carriers are to hold the motor driver and sensor cables for the far side X motor. Those wires can run in the Y axis cable tray as that tracks with the Y axis.

The included belts can make 6M. Also, you will have to really, really work to align the x rails over that long of a distance. Also, the x cable tray and all the wiring and hose would have to be longer. There’s already issues cropping up with having the ‘vacuum’ pump at the end of the hoses with a 3m table that is causing them to want to move that pump to up on the y axis, so you’d have to probably figure out how to do that.

The kit and design seem to be pretty flexible to allow you do do something like you suggest. There doesn’t seem to be a hard limit, for example, on how long the rails are.

There does seem to be some wording on the web site indicating that “larger tables” might not get free cloud services. So that’s something to consider.

Thanks for chiming in @bgmoon!

To further elaborate on a larger device: you might run into problems pulling the extra weight of the cable carrier, tubing, and wires. Something that could help would be using smaller pulleys to increase torque of the motors. I’ve seen 14 tooth pulleys online that would get you about 30% more torque which would probably be enough if you even did run into problems with the stock 20 tooth pulleys.

Also, there are no limits to the size of the device when it comes to the software. In regards to free cloud services: we anticipate offering everything for free for a good time to come, and very likely it will always be free for hobby-sized systems such as the one you’ve mentioned. We’ll likely only charge for large, commercial/industrial systems in the future.

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One issue with going with a much smaller pulley would be the number of teeth that are engaged between the pulley and belt. As that goes down, the torque per tooth will get to high and you might start to get some slipping, especially as the belt wears.

Thanks, for the replys. For a complete beginner, is hard to change the code for a bigger box and a 14 tooth pulley. I guess it can’t be to complicated?

We were just to put in an order but Openbuilds wants 500 dollars in shipment! That just as much as the parts them self. Any idea where we can order this stuff i Europe or Sweden?

You can get some components from in the Netherlands. Things like pulley, belt, some electronics. There is also from Italy with a number of comparable hardware, but not exactly the same. Those are the ones I know.

To change to a 14 tooth pulley you will just need to change the steps/mm value from the web app’s device page. is a European OpenBuilds distributor you might try.

I’ve ordered my v-slots from here

Hello from Turkey. :slight_smile: I red several titles in this forum and saw that most of us want to upscale the system. :slight_smile:

I am thinking about building a room at the top of the farm. That room can reserve a water tank, hoses and wires in the middle. So we can upscale the farm with the existing kit without potantial problems about wiring, additional engine loads, water pressure etc.

What do you think? Does it work?