Booting up a year later

I just got farmbot online. I halted its build last year cuz growing season had ended.
I’ve got super old OS version 3.1.5.
I clicked the update button and it downloaded 6.4.0.
Do I need to reinstall the OS manually? (take out the microSD and use etcher again?)

What happened then? Did the OS update, so you would be able to see the version 6.4.0 in the device widget? If not, you could try to reboot the farmbot since updates usually require a reboot.

But in general I would recommend to manual install the version 6.4.0 because there are a lot of things that changed in the meantime.

on second look, it’s a .fw file…not sure what that is

anyway, downloaded the .img and etcher’d it and now it won’t connect at all

nevermind…I realized I had to do the whole connection to the internet process all over again

all systems nominal!