Bored and looking to build my own

So Farmbot has no systems available so I am thinking of sourcing and building my own system. Is there an alternative to the Farmduino as this seems to be the most expensive part of the build?

Any contribution to self build would be welcomed

Hello and welcome @Glj100,

in fact there are some alternatives to the farmduino. When I built my first farmbot, there was no farmduino, so I was using a Arduino Mega with a RAMPS 1.4 shield mounted. That combination is still working for many farmbots that were sold until V1.3.
I replaced the Mega/RAMPS 2 years ago with a “MKS GEN 1.4” that is almost the same as the Mega/RAMPS but its a all in one board and can run on 12V or 24V. Also it has a 5V stepdown on the board that can power the Rpi3.
There are so many other boards that are compatible, since most 3d printers run with the same electronics hardware.

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Thanks for the quick response. As this is supposed to be open source I think that I will go this way. The Farmbot board seems to change often being restrictive for lower versions and the stock situation has never been great whenever I was looking at purchasing a kit.

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