Bot doesn't boot

I read a lot already on the forum, but I still could not solve my problem:
I build the electronics, Arduino and Pi and the RAMPS on the Arduino as described.
With or without the motorshields and motors I cant boot the system.
I use the latest release, my power is 12 Volt 33A.
The power LED is steady, the green led is also steady.
I flashed a lot of times now.
I used different releases, but no luck, except: with v.2.0.3. There the red led is steady and the green led flashes slowly. Now I see a SSID with the name Farmbotconfigurator (so no farmbot xxx). I open it. When I fill in my SSID and password and the information for the web app. There is a knob named : save configuration. But when I hit it: nothing happens.

Now I really don’t know what to do more. Any suggestions?

Thats alright, how about your 5V supply? It should have 2,5 to 3A.

I wouldn’t recommend using anything lower than 5.0.3. 5.0.6 should work at this time.
You are using a Raspberry Pi 3 right? Which tool did you use to flash the SDcard?
If both LEDs are steady, the image is corrupted or something similar.

I use a UBEC tension divider. Output is 5.3Volt. Amperage 3A

I prefer the latest version, but as told, nothing works. Only the 2.03 shows up with a wifi network.
What is so different between the latest one and the 2.0.3? Maybe that gives me a clue how to solve the problem.

I am using the Pi 3

I used Etcher as well as Win32diskImager, on a windows machine and Etcher on a Linux machine. No luck.
I also tried to boot with a 16Gb SD card, but then the green light did not do anything.

Yes, but in that case, why is the 2.0.3. version the only one that does not make a corrupted SD image?

Thanks so far for your help.

I bought another SD card. Now class 10 instead off class 4 of the original one.
Using Etcher it said: 8.1 Gb available instead of 7.98 Gb available!
After burning the image I found the farmbot-154d network and followed the instructions.
No connection yet, but that is another story.
B.t.w. the original SD card was from Kingstone.

Alright, thanks for that update … We had someone else reporting about having issues with Kingston SD cards recently. Like I wrote there, I’m using Kingston and SanDisk SD cards myself with 8gb class 4 and never had issues with that.

We should keep that in mind. Hopefully everything works now for you. Feel free to open a new thread if you run into trouble again.