Building Farmbot

I am looking to build Farmbot. I’m trying to find out where to get the parts. Specifically the aluminum plates. I’m wondering if there is anyone who has built Farmbot and who might have some advice on where to get some of the parts.

It depends where are you located, I’ve managed to build mine from scratch and it was working fine.

And the winter came and project is now on hold :slight_smile:

Hey Josh,

If you check out the website I think that there’s a Bill of Materials list in the documents that will tell you about each part and how to source it.

All the part designs are available in Onshape. So if you can’t source a part you can take the design and build it.

Good luck!


Hey Josh,

One more thing. If you check out this link it will take you to the Onshape model of Farmbot. If you’re building your own parts you can take the design information from Onshape and build your own.

I have built farmbot and I will help you if you want to design cad models
For further queries and help
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Hi Marc,

I found the CAD Models and Drawings but I’m uncertain about the exact dimensions of the aluminum plates. Are they in the CAD Models and Drawing? Or some place else?

Hi Skuter,

What dimensions did you use for the aluminum plates?

Hi Abdullah,

Right now I’m just mainly trying to find the dimensions of the aluminum plates. What dimensions did you use for your aluminum plates?

Hi @Joshua1,
I have not used aluminium for my FB plates cause I could not find proper company in Poland to do it for me.
But if you are interested the thickness is 6mm and dimensions are done accordingly as FB Documents state .
I’ve taken my time and save PDF of the Aluminium plates you can find them on my Gdrive PDF’s v1.2

Hi Marc
i am building FB without buying kit but i have one doubt can u help me?
i am from bhutan

Hello, What can I help you with? Please tell me how I may be able to assist you?