Buying hardware parts in denmark or northern europe

Hello everyone

I’m from Denmark and I just found this project and I think it looks amazing.
I have started looking for places where I could buy the parts locally. The electronics is easy enough, but I was wondering if anybody has looked at how and where to buy the hardware parts in northern europe e.g. Denmark, Sweden or Germany, and if it is cheaper than buying the whole package directly from farmbot.

The thought is that if I can use standard parts from a local seller, then maybe It would be cheaper, but also repair and extensions might prove easier.

Does anybody has some thoughts on that?

Also if anybody in Denmark or thereabouts is working on this, it could interesting with a more local community.

Best wishes


Hey Allan, a lot of people have been wondering about purchasing parts more locally. My guess is that its possible, but might be a lot of work to do for little cost savings. Also, unless the specs were matched near perfectly, you could run into problems with compatibility. But, if you’re willing to experiment then that wouldn’t be a problem!

Hej Allan

I have been looking for parts. I found that 3D print webshops do offer many of the parts, the savings is not impressive. The only reason Im doing it is to get a headstart, to be ready for the next season.



I think you already found parts you need , but you can find printed parts and aluminium plates at .

Hi Mica
Thanks for the info, it looks promising

Best wishes

Tnx Mica!

This info should be documented on the wiki!

So i just discovered that the rotary encoders from us digital can be bought from as they are an official supplier of all of their products.

I don’t know the price yet, but i know that shipping from US digital to Denmark cost 51$. This should be lower when shipping from switzerland.

In addition to previous reply i have discovered this site
They have the V-slot rails, only in 20x40 and 20x60 but i suppose the z-axis rail can be 20x40 instead of 20x20?
They are pretty cheap, but you have to contact them directly beacause the V-slot rails aren’t listed correctly.