Calibration x axis

When trying to calibrate the farmbot moves halfway down the x axis stops and turns around. It writes the distance it traveled correclty in the box, but it is stopping half way for some reason. I sanded the joint, tripple check to make sure the sides are parallel, etc.

any thoughts or suggestions as to why the bot would stop half way and return?

Increase the calibration “Timeout after seconds” on the device page under calibration settings.

Those timeout values moved recently to the Error Handling parameter group :slight_smile:

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Nope that did not work. It is not pausing and returning, but almost immediately returning once it gets halfway

It was a wheel tension error on the tracks… they were just tight enough when they went over the joint in the tracks it would catch. I loosened the wheel tightness a little bit and it is now working great

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Glad to hear that you are up and running again @jorrflv and special thanks to @jsimmonds and @whitecaps for the awesome community support!