Camera calibration

Is there a way to reset or delete the camera calibration info/settings?
It seems like after you run it the first time, it stores and reapplies the settings of the last calibration.
Where and how is the data stored?
I would like to either reset to the generic defaults, or self-modify specific settings. (like just the camera rotation)

You can find the calibration settings to modify (such as camera rotation) by scrolling to the bottom of the Camera Calibration Farmware page of the Web App.

Thanks for the reply, Gabriel!
I see those settings.
What I am referring to is this:
The first time I go to this tab “Camera Calibration”, The values are all zero or the defaults.
After running the calibration one time, the fields populate.
Items, such as rotation, never seem to go back to 0, even if I set them.
What I am looking for is a way to re-set to an un-calibrated state, without having to re-flash the entire OS.
Or am I just naive and this is an unneeded task/step/need/request?

The values should be able to be set to 0. I just tried this on my account and was able to, so it seems like there might be some sort of bug if you are not able to.

Let me try - this time I will click harder or with more conviction…
I’ll report back…