Camera Issue - not working after software upgrade

My FARMBOT has been inactive since early 2021 (due to a lot of reasons). I have kept up with software updates and each time I test a lot of the functions to make sure it still “works”. I have not tested the camera since DEC 2020. I noticed a lot has changed in the camera settings. It does not take a picture right now other than this black image.
Test Picture
Is there some new set up I need to do for the camera that is required after one of the software updates?

Here are my settings
Device ID: 7393

Version: v15.3.2

Model: Genesis v1.2

Firmware: v6.6.21 Arduino/RAMPS (Genesis v1.2)

CPU temperature: 62°C

Memory usage: 53MB

WiFi strength: 78%

MAC address: b8:27:eb:59:db:59

Local IP: fe80::ba27:ebff:fe59:db59


: good

Camera: connected

Raspberry Pi: 3

Connectivity code: 31

OK, that is worrysome. It healed itself…


So John, is your camera back up and running? We just want to get confirmation.

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Yes, it appears to function normally now. Like I said, it just kind of healed itself. I can’t attribute it starting to work to anything I did.

I am in the middle of moving the bot from the back garden to the front garden. (The old box flexed too much with weather and I could not keep up with alignment.) So I wanted to do one last software update and functional test before it moved, so I would know it works.

I have another post showing the new box. This weekend I plan to remove gantry assemble from the tracks and the cableway. Then I will move the tracks to the new box.

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