Camera light on/off

Is there any way at the moment to switch on and off the light on the camera? There is not use that it is on 24/7…

I think this would depend on your camera. My camera does not have a switch or a trigger to turn the LEDs on/off softwarewise because its directly connected to the power in the USB connector. I assume that most cameras use this type of LED controlling.

Is there even need to turn the LEDs on/off? I mean usually you take pictures when there is enough sunlight on your planted bed. Because of this I turned the LEDs off permanently to save lifetime on those.

I´ve got the borescope cam which was shipped with the kit. How could I switch it off, even on the USB connector?!

@Klimbim there is a dial on the USB connector that you can rotate to turn off the lights. Unfortunately the lights are not controllable via software.