Can I build farmbot with some CNC parts I already have?

Hi There,

I’m new here. A couple of years ago I bought some parts to build a CNC machine but didn’t complete the project.

I have the following parts.

A gecko G540 multi-axis step drive (got x axis, y axis, z axis and a axis)
4x NEMA 24 step motors
110V power supply

Can I use these to build my own farmbot? I know that farmbot typically comes “out of the box” but I would hate for these parts to go to waste. And I would love to be part of the great opensource community that farmbot has built, so any advice on how to make some adaptation work would be so much help.

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Do you have a 3D printer to make the open source CAD parts?

I doubt the FBOS would run on the gecko drive as it is based on Arduino Ramps architecture, so look at using GRBL and CNC.js on a R Pi.

Marlin may work but I have always thought Farmbot is closer to a CNC machine than a 3D printer due to its ability to tool change and large size.

It would be a cool project. If you give it a go I would be interested in how it planned out. I had this idea a while back as I liked the capability and cost of the gecko, but went with a Farmbot which has given me years of tinkering fun.