Cannot change motors velocity


I’m trying to change the velocity of the motors on my farmbot. I’ve tried to change the values on the motors configuration in the webapp configuration page, but they always run at the same speed.
Does anyone had this problem before?

Best regards,
André Vaz

@andrezzvazz More information will help us:

  • What model of FarmBot are you using?
  • Which version of FarmBot OS is installed?
  • What is the name of the setting you changed?

You should be able to make FarmBot go faster by changing the MINIMUM SPEED (MM/S) setting- is that the setting you changed?

I am happy to take a look at your account if that is not the case.

Additionally, do not set the value to high. This will cause motor stalling.

Hello RickCarlino,

Thank you for your help.
The informations you’ve asked for:

  • Farmbot
  • Farmduino (Genesis v1.4)
  • I actually changed all the values ( Max Speed, Homing Speed and Min Speed)

From what I notice, with values of slow speed, I can see changes in the velocity…But if I increase the values (for exemple from MinSpeed=400 to MinSpeed=800) I cannot see any changes. I can increase all the values a lot, and the motors don’t stall, they just seem to be with the same velocity.

But, for example, in the Y axis, if I increase the values (around MinSpeed = 200) the motor just stops working, and gets lose (no voltage on the motor).

@andrezzvazz It sounds like you are using values that are too large.

Generally speaking, minimum speeds should be lower than 100, and maximum speeds should be below 400. If you don’t remember the original value, you can start over by pressing the Reset hardware parameters button on the device settings page.

Another point worth mentioning is that some v1.4 users have purchased stepper drivers from third-party vendors for their Farmduino board and have seen unexpected behavior from their motors. I don’t know what type of stepper drivers you are using, but if you are using a third-party stepper driver, you may want to replace them with the original drivers that came with your kit.

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