Cannot control motors or peripherals

Hello guys,

I need some help getting a FarmBot working again.
The bot has not been started for a while, it was last running on 6.4.11 without any issues.
I updated the OS to 7.0.1 and got the connection working.

I have the following issues:
I cannot control any of the motors or the light

While I try to move the motors the TX led is flashing repeatedly.
The position on the web interface is updating, but there is no physical movement (the motors are not struggling, they are not rotating at all).
When the ‘movement’ is finished, the log says movement complete, and the coordinates change back to 0,0,0.

When I try to turn on/off the lighting, the TX/RX leds flash for a moment, but LED1 next to the light power cable does not light up, as it does with the other peripherals when I try them.

The camera is working, I am able to take photos with it.

Do you guys have any tips where I should look?
Your help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,