Cannot get USB image

HI ;
I been replace with new USB cam and still cannot can a Good picture.! USB cam was connected.


image size is 320 X 240 .

If I select image size 800 x 600 then it will get blank picture.

Anyone know why .


@Tom A few questions:

  • Did you buy your FarmBot from FarmBot, Inc. or is this a third party / DIY setup?
  • If you did buy the kit from us, was the replacement camera provided by FarmBot, inc? Or is it from a different source?

If you did purchase the kit from FarmBot, we can provide a replacement under warranty. If we have already replaced the camera then it might be some other problem, such as cabling. Please email if you purchased the kit from us.

It from farmbot Inc. It work on desktop computerwith same cable.


@Tom I just took a look at your device with @Marc. He will be in contact with you to continue troubleshooting. If we cannot find a root cause, the only problem left would be the Farmduino board.

With regards to motor problems referenced in the other thread, the device encoders might be improperly connected (there is no signal coming in from your encoders, so the device does not know it hit the end of the bed).


Thanks for information
I will recheck again.