Cannot run sequences anymore

Hi everyone,

With the newer release candidate versions (RC5 RC6 RC7) I cannot run the previous sequences I added before, I even created simple ones (turn on lights wait turn off lights) but they are not running. The website is still telling me that the sequence was successfully sent to the rpi. I tested both on staging and my.

I can still use the controls perfectly (movements abs/rel and peripherals)

Is it under development currently ?


Can you try:

  • Press SAVE
  • Press SYNC NOW
  • Press SAVE & RUN

Just a note, pre-release versions and staging are always under development, and therefore may be unstable.

I got the following message

staging-bot encountered errors syncing: [{Farmbot.Sync.Database.ToolBay, {:error, :connect_timeout}}]

I think maybe I had an older version of the toolbay in your DB, I deleted my toolbay and now the sequences are working fine !
Thanks !

I can run controls and sequences. I turn off a led on pin 10 and 9 using the controls. I can run the y motor in the sequences tab. I have tried to take that sequence and put it into a regimen called “y Motor”. I am having problems setting and keeping the time to run. Is there some sort of wild card that I can set the time with and test things out?

My api is 783b432 and front end 43956d4. Is this the latest that I should be running?

I look forward to the kit. my inside spring planting is gone. We have a 90 day June to Aug. outside growing season.