Change FarmBot Accounts email

Hey everyone,

We are trying to update the email address used in our FarmBot Account.
I change it in the account section of the FarmBot Web App, but when I click save it reverts to the email that was previously in that text box, even though I get the “Success” pop-up notification saying to check my email.

Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi @Andy,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will investigate the matter shortly.

In the meantime, please privately send me your email addresses (old, new) and I can manually update the information for you.

Hello Rick,

I did a project at my college with the FarmBot. Now I’m done at the college but I used my personal email account; I need to change it now but I haven’t been able to. Would you be able to help me with that?

Thank you.

@luisruiz93 You can change your email at

There is currently no way to copy or import a FarmBot account between email addresses.

That means there is no way to have another email on the account?

@luisruiz93 Correct. The current software was built for a single email address. We have plans to eventually add a feature to support groups of people, but work on that feature has not yet started.