Cold Climate enclosed Farmbot

Good morning. Note the pictures, but the sun is out and temps will be just above freezing by noon. Back in Dec. when we first started looking at Farmbot we saw that our site in Northern Vermont was not as nice as your installation site.

We have been reading on your forum a reference to developing a greenhouse to contain a Farmbot. So we started coding on the Arduino Uno to develop greenhouse environmental control software. Our original goal was to eventually use Makerplot as a GUI Console. We have been working with a combination of common hardware, including DS18B20 temperature sensors, xBee transmitters, and relays. We can now turn on / off fans and heaters and have remote readouts of the greenhouse temperatures in Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

You are welcome to this programming and I want to be mentored by your Farmbot programmers so as to make this concept Farmbot compatible. We can do the programming to convert it from the Arduino Uno to the Mega 2560 and RAMPS shield so that others can use it. We’re still learning about GitHub, but our latest experimental software is at . Please review this and let me know what next the steps are for us.
We also developed a unique method of using xBee’s as digital signal repeaters. That way we can extend the reach of the radio signal to more than half a mile over a hill.
We also want to support those that are interested. We think there are two ways right off we can help. 1. making sure that it is compatible with, " Farmware" by using the Mega Arduino processor and Ramps and Farmbot Console, Instead of the and the Arduino.ide. 2. By conforming to any of the guidelines that Farmbot programmers specify we will make this truly compatible.

I envy your technical skills! I’d love to see how the Farmbot works with a GUI interface that speaks with systems outside of the current Farmbot OS. I’m taking programing classes in the fall to be able to contribute to this effort. Being able to interface with other systems on my backyard micro farm would really give Farmbot some teeth and expand the application market outside of the technically savvy.

Do you have some time and are willing to take on micro processors and transmitters? Maybe we could start a group that would study together. There is a lot of information on the internet and free downloadable software so as to get started. I am particularly interested in food, clothing, and shelter and controlling work using these microcomputers to take the time and effort out of my necessary activity.

The micro controllers used by farmbot are good processors to study because they are a family of processors that enable remote control and all kinds of motors and sensors. So get back to me and tell me a little about what you are able and interested in doing and we can take it from there.

The problem I’ve found on the internet is information overload it’s hard to know where to begin. I’m barely off of the ground with wiring simple bread boards. I’d love to be part of the study group! Where do you suggest we start?

We should do most of the communication in the forum, possibly pick up more interested persons. We will all be at different levels we can always ask questions of the Farmbot persons.

possibly you can connect to my computer and I have video to show and tell. My number is 802-748-9291. the starting point might be at This site has a kit that is very inexpensive or I can loan you one. It contains 8 lessons that are on the site starting at breadboarding. This is one of the sites that I used as a elementary jr. Hi teacher.

It works with c++ and Arduino.ide is a free compiler. this is the same code that is used on the Arduino Mega 5260 which has as a shield, (on top)in the farmbot configuration. The lessons cover basic breadboarding.
You didn’t say whether you had the farmbot kit yet. I will have mine the end of next week. You can remote in and watch me assemble and also run the console software.

So give me a call or continue the forum and we can move forward at your pace. Farmbot has all the interface that we need to get started.



Thank you for being willing to calibrate. My Farmbot is fully assembled in my garden, but I’m currently waiting for a software update that will allow the rotary encoders to sync with the stepper motors and the Arduino. I am very close to having my Farmbot in action. I live in an area with a pretty long growing season. Spring planting began a month ago. Whats your timetable to get things set up for planting in Vermont? I’ll look into the resources that you provided and stay in touch via phone.

I have lived in northern Vermont, in what is the northeast kingdom. Our outside growing season is 90 days between frosts. This is changing. I don’t know how the change in climate will change timing between frosts. The winter has shown a 40 degree range in 24 hours which used to be roughly 30. The temp has gone below zero f. several times, but not like 1958 when temps would go to -20 f. every night for several days. I also remember changing a radiator hose on a ski bus at -45 f. We will see what we will see.

I am still having trouble testing the regimen. I can get controls on pins 8,9,10 to turn on led’s off the ramps card from the Mega, from the rpi3 from the console. I can get Motors from Sequences to rotate. I can’t get either to work in a regimen program. Do you know if there is a wild card for the time setting. It would make it a lot easier for testing.

I think there is a lot of work left to do, before I can set up planting in my living room, where the frame is waiting for next week.



If I’m understanding correctly, your Farmbot is going in your living room? That’s badass! You have to post pictures. 90 days in between frost is not a whole lot to work with. In your home would be similar to a greenhouse, but an awesome conversation starter for guests.

I’m excited for you to get your kit in! The hardware upgrades had me floored. especially the new seeder design. The upgraded rotary encoders in the kit have 360 lines per revolution while the firmware is programed for 200 lines per revolution. The encoders and the motors then become out of sync after a few steps. I notified the Farmbot design team. They are working on a solution that allows different encoders to run on the same software and web app since there are a variety of Farmbots being built all over the world. The time setting should be corrected before your kit arrives.