Collection of common Error message


Would be great to have an overview of the error their reason and possible solutions, which users can edit,
It would make it easier to tackle common hardware problems.

To built something up it would be great to know:

  • Does something like this exist?
  • How can I determine which parts of the farmbot (eg. Rasparry Pi, Arduino, Encoder) are connected to the specific error message?
  • Are the error messages changing with each new software update?
  • How would built up such an collection so that users can edit it?


The FarmBot wiki would be a good place for user-editable troubleshooting solutions. Your post about using the FarmBot wiki is a good intro. We can also add more topics to the FAQ category.

Are you thinking of something like this?


Error: Your web browser is unable to connect to the message broker (MQTT). You might be behind a firewall or disconnected from the Internet. Check your network settings.
Affected systems: Browser, network.
Potential Solutions: Reconnect to the internet, refresh the page, and check your browser compatibility and network access.
Resources: forum topic

Error: Error downloading data. Please try refreshing the page.
Affected systems: Browser, network, account credentials.
Potential Solutions: Refresh the page, logout and log back in, and check your internet connection.
Resources: forum topic

Error: Please Update. You are using an old version of FarmBot OS.
Affected systems: FarmBot OS
Potential Solutions: Press the UPDATE button in the Device widget on the Device page.
Resources: forum topic

Error: Disconnected. FarmBot is not connected.
Affected systems: FarmBot OS, Browser.
Potential Solutions: Check device power, device configuration, internet access, and browser compatibility.
Resources: forum topic

Error: Your web browser is having trouble connecting to the configurator. The automatic pop-up window for connecting to networks on apple devices does not work with the FarmBot WiFi configurator.
Affected systems: FarmBot OS, Browser.
Potential Solutions: Check device power, network, and browser compatibility.
Resources: forum topic

Error: Could not find sequence by ID.
Affected systems: FarmBot OS.
Potential Solutions: Sync your device by pressing SYNC NOW.
Resources: Sequences are created in the Web App, but run on FarmBot OS. A sequence needs to be synced to the device before it can be used by FarmBot.

Hardware-related: (also see Why is my FarmBot not moving? and Are my encoders working?)

Problem: Motors don’t stop at axis end while homing.
Troubleshooting Tips: Try pushing back a motor while its moving, or view encoder positions in the Move widget on the Controls page.
Potential Solutions: Check encoder wiring, change encoder settings.