Communication PC - Raspberry problems

Hi everybody, we’re assembling our Farmbot electronics and we were trying to verify the communication between Raspberry and FarmBot Web App before closing the electronics box.

We performed these operations:
1- Wrote SD card via win32 disk imager program (wind)
2- Connected to Arduino card
3- Power Pi3 via micro usb port
4- Wifi connection farmbot - c446
5- Configuration in the Pi with access point home and account at

Pi3 is linked to house access (farmbot c-446) but when we check the account it doesn’t look connected (can the name of the device be decisive?)
Thank you for any suggestion

Point the same browser to and see if it passes the tests. If it doesn’t try using a different browser. Websockets not working in your browser could be the reason for the web app (incorrectly) thinking your bot is offline.

Thank you mdingena, I’ll do that test!