Computing power?

Hi, I am looking to buy a new lap top which I will use for most of my build of the Farmbot, it will have 8gb ram, 1tb hdd and run by the Intel core i5. Will this system be adequate for running all the soft ware on this build? This machine should work well with mu Prusa i3 3-d printer I just want to know if it will also run any programs and software for the production of and uploading of my Farmbot.

As far as I know, that should be just fine to build and program all the stuff.


If you plan on building Farmbot OS (the software that lives on the RPI) it can take quite a bit of computing power to build in a reasonable amount of time, but we do release precompiled builds on Github also.

I have an intel i7 6900k, 32 gigs of ram, and a pretty fast SSD and it takes about 30 minutes for a single build, so an i5 8 gigs of ram will probably take around ~45 minutes to an hour depending on which i5 you get, disk speed, etc