Conclusions from Farmbot Limiting Factors

Continuing the discussion from The Newbs guide to Farmbots limiting factors and strengths:

The primary conclusion that I’ve come to based on my perfect analysis, most logicalest of extrapolations and one blood magic spell: tada

I think building a dock, small low to the ground segway bot - that can find its vertical rail and dock, climb and start working is a great idea. Obviously that’s the idea that requires some SERIOUS design work so its time to start thinking about it. I however have alot of other things to think about at the moment so I’ll be taking it to the drawing board soon. Oh also this is my music and heres my twitter

This is of course for moving the print head around inside greenhouses, urban farms, or spaceships for example.

Also just a simple quick latch / quick release for the printhead for hand held mobility.

If you start doing some design work or brainstorming for this idea, please document your progress on the new wiki!