Config and Settings Error in Web app

Dear community,

I hope one of you is able to help with the following issue.
Farmbot and Arduino are updated to the latest version (6.4.11) and showing full connectivity in the web app. A usb camera connected to the Pi can be used to take pictures, but motion commands are not executed.
The logs state that movement has been conducted successfully, but the farmbot doesn’t move.

When trying to enable the encoders, I receive a ‘Setting toggle failed’ error. Which I get for almost all selections I can make on the device page. For all others, e.g. enabling auto updates, I get an ‘Update Config failed’.

All communication ports should work fine. NTP and DNS are set to our own servers, but as the farmbot connects correctly and images taken with the camera are uploaded I suppose it is not an issue related to this matter.

When I moved the farmbot by hand, I received the following warning:
‘Device is sending too many logs (more than 500 logs in 1 minute). Suspending log storage and display until 02:46PM.’, so I assume that the encoder is providing feedback nevertheless?

Has anyone got any idea how to get the motors to work again and why the device set-up doesn’t work properly? Motors (encoders not connected) were working before with an old OS and using an unrestricted network access. (FBOS 5.x…).

Thanks in advance,

Are you using the Web App at

You can check the encoder readings by toggling them in the MOVE widget settings menu (gear icon in the upper right of the widget).

Have you checked the RAMPS board power and other connections? Turning on the peripherals can give an indication that the power is connected and working.