Config in 5.0.2

Hi guys,

what did you change in V. 5.0.2 regarding motor config and stuff?

Everything seems to mixed up, the x-axis config was such implemented that one motor drove in the opposite direction of the other and the z axis was flipped.

If I invert the z encoder and the z motor, it homes to the bottom of the bed. If I do not invert motor & encoder and I home it, it drives to negative coordinates?!?!? If I only change invert motor (because it says in the tooltip questionmark thing that this steers the direction of calibration) it goes crazy and shows values in the controls display without moving, the homeing does not work at all??? You don´t want to tell me know that I need to change the pinning on the board?!

Everything from the parameter setting should have been taken from the previous config, but you must have changed something major in the setup?!

Without any notice this is just horrible to roll out as a small update (and even as a major release without info). I am very sorry but the quality is sooo low if you cannot check these simple things. They would have needed to show up on your systems as well.

Please tell me that I´m wrong and give me the solution…

Btw: Why are there no commits in the github os repo since 6 days? Public holidays? Sorry guys but I am really loosing my patience here…

@Gabriel @connor @RickCarlino
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AS nobody is helping out, I changed to 5.0.1. and the problem remains the same. If i select invert encoder and motor for the z axis (this setup worked before) the bot correctly goes down in positive coordinates if I select the down arrow.
But if I push home z, the bot goes down again. This was flipped before and must be an issue in the new release of the frontend (I´m using 0DE7507A).
And now it shows, that the sequencer does not work anymore; If I press save, sync and then test, the sequence content will not be synced with the bot, it still uses the “old” content of that sequence. Heeey what did you do to the frontend guys???

Is no one else having trouble with this version?

Please repair asap and find out why that happened!!!

We have not changed user configuration settings during updates. Currently the only ways the Arduino configuration (hardware settings) can be changed are: changing the settings in the Hardware widget, resetting to default in that widget, clearing the EEPROM though the Arduino IDE, or changing out the Arduino with a different one.

It sounds like disabling NEGATIVE COORDINATES ONLY will fix the issues you have described.

Regarding GitHub, not all development is done on master.

Hey @Gabriel, you must have changed the default values, be it in the system conf for 5.0.2 or in the frontend…

I only updated to 5.0.2 and did not change anything but some of the motor and encoder parameters were mixed up.

Now it works with negatives only off, that was a long way of getting there, thanks.

But the problem with the sequences of not taking over my settings still remains. Normally I press save, sync and test and it works. For whatever reason, if I change coordinates in the absolute movement things, it still takes the old coordinates… even more I need to sync if I manually control the bot. What did you change here?