Configuration Errors? Cannot re-configure


We were able to connect to the RPi Wifi (farmbot-xxxx) and run through the configurator ONCE, but our school’s network apparently won’t allow the device to connect (Bot not connecting in
When we try re-connecting to the farmbot-xxxx Wifi to re-run the configurator, it kicks the connecting computer off farmbot-xxxx every time we open the webpage (
We tried a new RPi I had handy, and it allowed connection once (but again, our school IT guy gave us bad advice about which school network to connect to, and/or proper settings to connect). Same thing–first time through worked, when we try to re-run the configurator it consistently bounces the computer off farmbot-xxxx.
We tried flashing (using Etcher as recommended) a different SD card with farmbot-rpi3-7.0.1 (downloaded from GitHub at, and restart the RPi with that new card, but it didn’t change anything.
I would be happy to configure by pulling the RPi and connecting a monitor, mouse, and keyboard if there are instructions for that somewhere–it seems this ‘clever’ idea of configuring through farmbot-xxxx Wifi is more trouble than it it worth…