Connection Issues on new Build

Hi all,

I’ve just finished construction on my Farmbot Genesis v1.3, I connected to the configurator and I am using a 4G wireless modem with no firewall or restrictions.

I get the following error message:

Last shutdown reason: Failed to start child: Elixir.Farmbot.Bootstrap.SettingsSync reason: {:EXIT, {{:noproc, {GenServer, :call, [Farmbot.BotState, {:set_job_progress, “FBOS_OTA”, #bytes<0>}, 5000]}}, {GenServer, :call, [Farmbot.HTTP, {:request, :put, “/api/fbos_config”, “{“sequence_init_log”:true,“sequence_complete_log”:true,“sequence_body_log”:true,“os_auto_update”:true,“network_not_found_timer”:null,“firmware_output_log”:false,“firmware_input_log”:false,“firmware_hardware”:“farmduino”,“disable_factory_reset”:false,“beta_opt_in”:false,“auto_sync”:false,“arduino_debug_messages”:true,“api_migrated”:true}”, [], []}, :infinity]}}} This is likely a bug. Please copy or screenshot this error and send it to the Farmbot developers.

environment: prod

source_ref: 416e28392b2d20dd3ac61252fdc1463e4435c348

target: rpi3

I have no idea what the next step to take is.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi Community,

we here in Berlin have currently the same issues with our bot V1.3 since there seemed to be very much updates coming the last two days to the WebApp.

@roryaronson and Team: any news on how to be ready with the updates for the guys who are running a Version 1.3 ? Currently, our Farmbot is not connected

@NTT_itelli_Farmbot try to go back to 6.4.5. if you need the bot urgently, that still works for me…

Thanks all.

Updated the OS and it’s all go now.