Connectivity issues

I’m trying to help our students and seem to be running into issues.

We have enterprise wireless with Meraki APs but can’t seem to get connected.

If we use WPA2 with a pre-shared key, it immediately deauthenticates as if the password is incorrect. We have checked the password and have even reset it with the same results.

If we use a completely open network (not appropriate for our school), it does show an initial connection but the status never is updated in the dashboard and it in 5 minutes or so resets.

Any more verbose error logs that we can dig into?

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FarmBot doesn’t currently support enterprise wireless networks. Users have been working around this by setting up a wired network connection to FarmBot in these situations.

I suspect that there is a blocked port for one of Farmbot’s external services. Check this out.

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Thanks.I mentioned enterprise wireless but we aren’t really using EAP or radius servers for this SSID. Just a simple pre-shared key that seems to be rejected.

I have reviewed that document but I would expect at least a connection showing that it is alive. It doesn’t stay connected. 80 and 443 are very unlikely to be blocked.

Has anyone found or create a good test for ports outside of the Raspberry PI?

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